Epitaphs Sample Inscriptions


"As soon go kindle fire with snow, as seek to quench the fire of love with....."





What needs to be highlighted is the unidentifiable power of words. the value of the solitary word. We take words - language - very much for granted,  Just as we take our eyes, our power of vision for granted. But both are immensely versatile and wide-ranging powers. Language is a powerful instrument. It is used in many different ways and composed of one of the fundamental forces controlling and forming human behaviour. Besides its most familiar and normally most discussed use, communication, language is important through its use in one's private thought, in science and in public speaking, in poetry, in philosophy - and also in expressing Inscriptions and Epitaphs.

The following inscriptions and verses may be of assistance to you and your loved one’s in selecting the final and appropriate epitaph to perpetuate the memory of your dearly departed. All of our prices include an inscription of up to 120 free letters. Letters in excess of this are charged at a nominal sum. It is of paramount importance that great care be exercised in choosing the final inscription as once carved and engraved it cannot be changed. It is also worth taking into consideration that ample room should also remain on the chosen memorial to accommodate future inscriptions as well as personal items such as family mottoes, coats of arms, favourite poems, ballads, favourite songs etc. can also be carved onto the dedicated memorial using the finest quality limestone, marble, and granite expertly sourced within Ireland as well as overseas to explicit standards of expertise. 

 Beautifully detailed finishing of authentic 23 1⁄2 carat gold leaf lettering and subtle decoration can be seen on all memorials and monuments which accentuates the mastery of the skill of these unwavering craftsmen even further. The decorative emblem, the opening line, the blessing or family motto and the verses chosen. A timeless gracious masterpieces to be cherished for future generations to honour the memory of your dearly departed loved one .